Matthew Sathiasillan

I met Narinder while completing my Master NLP Practitioner course. The first day of meeting was empowering to see a man full of vision and passion for the work he was doing. I instantaneously felt the honesty and sincerity with his works and action. The experiences he has encountered in life and how it had brought triumph over his past journey that greatly contributed to his present success in life and business.

We had to perform a breakthrough session as part of our completion of the Master NLP Practitioner. I sincerely believe every moments in our life is brought about for a divine purpose for growth and awareness of oneself and the contribution to the wholeness of creation. I was drawn to working with Narinder and it was an awesome pleasure. Narinder assisted me to the awareness towards my unawareness of the secondary gain which contributed to a blockage to my journey in life. The learning of self control was the awareness but how would I to know that the self control desired was being drawn to me via a negative emotion projected only at my command. Amazing it might sound and I am grateful to understand that the subconscious can attain the self control via positive emotion which would lift me to higher ground at my command and acceptance. This awareness was brought about to me by Narinder. Thank you!

I am certain that those who choose to work with Narinder will not only experience the glimpse of the success and abundant but they would certainly also be able to live with it!

Matthew Sathiasillan
Be Awaken
Life Precision Specialist
Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® Practitioner